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About Me

Hi, I am Mrinal Purohit and I go by iammrinal0 on the interwebz. I am an undergraduate in Computer Science from Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore.

I used to dabble with Python, writing scripts, cli and web apps to solve trivial tasks. I have tried my hand at desktop application development, Windows 10/Windows Phone app development, however I am drawn to the Web. To check out my projects, head over to GitHub.

I was at GeekSkool for quite some time where I fiddled with Python, a bit of Haskell, and contributed to a language called Clean.

Currently, I am fascinated by functional programming and am learning Haskell/PureScript while being a developer at Juspay writing PureScript.

When I am not wasting time, I solve Sudoku, moderate the Windows Phone subreddit, solve a problem or two on Codewars, and listen to music.

Want to collaborate on a project or get in touch with me? The best way is Twitter or mail.